August Progress Update

We have plenty of progress on the new prototype build since the last post. The base game state flow and core systems are being added and things are starting to come together again.

Nick: Pathfind and Day and Night cycles

Nick worked on the procedural Nav Mesh.  This is mostly working aside from the view not being fully culled correctly.  This should be fixed in a later version.

Dynamic NavMesh building on the fly using Unity’s new 5.6 NavMeshComponent

NPCs currently navigate to random buildings and walk to a waypoint assigned inside them.

NPCs Navigating into buildings

NPCs waypoint to random building



Kevin: Game State Flow, Procedural City

The Entitas framework base has been really good to work with. It did take a while to learn how to write in an Entity Component Systems style, but it is starting to flow nicely now.

A new basic grid city procedural world generator has been built and the basic world streaming systems are working nicely.

I used Nick’s game clock and time of day systems to build some period tick systems that can be used to react to events during game time periods. I then used those period tick systems to add some work shift systems for NPC’s to later use, and also a street light system to turn on/off street lights as the day night cycle changes.

Day Cycle

Night Cycle



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